Used Piling Rigs For Sale

Used Piling Rigs For Sale

There are many websites on the internet today where we see the display of used piling rigs for sale.

Customers see this as a great improvement in marketing the equipment. This is because it is now very easy and less expensive to search for used piling rigs for sale than was the case in the past.

This is as a result of the accessibility of the internet from anywhere around the globe. ...Read More

Used Piling Rig

Used Piling Rig

Used piling rig are among the most common construction equipment that have high second hand value.

This depends much on the level of use of the piling rig and the state of the equipment at the point of resale.

This piece of machinery does not come cheap anyway. However, the reason for this is very simple.

Construction equipment all over the world is generally designed as very rugged, heavy duty equipment so that they can handle the job of drilling and piling and withstand the stress involved. ...Read More

Tips On Piling Rig

Tips On Piling Rig

Piling rig is equipment used to drive weight into the Earth to compact the soil. This involves laying heavy and sturdy foundation for the buildings. This machine has saved construction companies many hours of exhaustive human work.

Piling rigs are of different shapes and sizes used for various types of piling jobs. This equipment is well designed in order to produce best performance and reliability on its job. Piling rig has a low centre of gravity, movable counterweights and expandable tracks.

Counterweights play a key role of providing excellent stability and allowing larger inclinations of the leader for raked piling. ...Read More

Casagrande CFA Piling Rigs

Casagrande of Italy is a world leader in the design and manufacture of foundation equipment, including drilling and piling equipment. To add to the high quality of its equipment, what sets Casagrande apart from the competition is the comprehensive after-sales support provided by it for its entire range of equipment.

Casagrande has full service and sales branches in almost all major countries for the benefit of its overseas clientele. Factory trained engineers are sent for customised on-site service. Spare parts are well-stocked at all distribution points to minimise downtime in case of maintenance or breakdown repairs. ...Read More

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With a large variety of used piling rigs, mini piling rigs, crawler cranes and many other types of construction equipment, is the best company for used piling rigs and used piling equipment in the foundation and drilling industry. We are able to offer competitive prices on all of our equipment, thanks to a great network of purchasing sources. As such, we can offer you first class used piling rigs that will enable you to fulfil your contracts at a fraction of the cost of buying your piling equipment used or from one of our competitors. ...Read More